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Road Design

Safestreet chooses road configurations to handle the needs of all users in order to provide user-friendly streets in your downtown as well as in you residential neighbourhoods. Safestreet goes beyond standards to innovate with well-though out designs.

  Barrier-Free Design and Seniors’ Transportation
  Road Design
Safestreet has provided an original road design for 3rd Avenue West in Val-d’Or in order to offer good traffic flow while controlling traffic speed. Existing traffic requires one through lane, with turn lanes as required. Where turn requirements are more limited, a two-way left turn lane (TWLTL) is implemented. The project includes one-way bike lanes on each side, as well as sidewalks.

Geometric Standards
Traffic Studies
Speed Management
Sustainable Transportation and Climate Change
Transportation Planning
School Safety
Active Transportation : walking, biking…
    Services :
  • Optimum safe design of local and arterial streets, both existing and future roads
  • Integration of traffic, safety, parking and economic objectives in the redesign of commercial streets
  • Highway design through small towns