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School Safety

There are major efforts underway to encourage children to walk or cycle to school; an essential precondition is that the journey be safe. Safestreet has developed an exceptional expertise on the psychology of young people and on their abilities to handle traffic.

  Barrier-Free Design and Seniors’ Transportation
  Road Design
  Geometric Standards
Safestreet undertook an analysis of traffic safety around seven elementary schools in Sainte-Julie and prepared recommendations adapted to each situation as part of an integrated program of pedestrian safety of elementary school children. The recommendations included the design of three collector streets and four local streets, the layout of parent drop-off zones, the placement of adult crossing guards, lighting, parking, signing, pedestrian and cycling infrastructure, promotion of walking and biking, etc. The City took up the study and implemented a program “Being Confident Moving Towards the school.”
All in all, Safestreet has examined the traffic safety of over 45 schools in varied contexts, notably in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region of Quebec.

Traffic Studies
Speed Management
Sustainable Transportation and Climate Change
Transportation Planning
School Safety
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    Services :
  • Diagnosis of Safety Issues around Schools
  • Development of an Integrated Pedestrian Safety Program
  • Organization of Drop-off Zones
  • Placement of Crossing Guards