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Safestreet Expert Consultants

A multi-disciplinary group of experts – civil engineers, planner and safety analysis specialist

The team’s expertise and experience make Safestreet one of the best companies in North America dealing with the urban design of road networks. Safestreet takes into consideration all stakeholders: pedestrians, cyclists, transit users, drivers, shop owners and residents in dealing with local, collector and arterial streets. All the while stressing road safety and managing traffic speeds.

We aim to reconcile road networks and the surrounding environment. Speed management is an essential part of this philosophy. One must choose the proper speed limit and ensure that the speed limit is obeyed. In urban areas, the design of the street must contribute to the adherence to the operating speed that is chosen as a function of the character of the street and must provide the driver with the proper cues so that he may choose the correct speed.

Safestreet recognizes the importance of gaining public support; we are happy to meet citiezens at the beginning of a project during a public meeting, a walkabout or an open house. We believe in an integrated approach and in the choice of the best strategies in order to arrive at a permanent and satisfying solution for residents and other users.

Safestreet solves problems with efficient, innovative solutions at the best price.When you want real, durable solutions, get in touch with us!