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Geometric Standards

Safestreet is the only Quebec firm to have contributed to geometric design guides in Canada and in the U.S. Urban Supplement to the Geometric Design Guide for Canadian Roads, Canadian Guide to Neighbourhood Traffic Calming, Collector Streets (chapter 6) of the Urban Street Geometric Design Handbook and Planning and Design for Pedestrians and Cyclists

  Barrier-Free Design and Seniors’ Transportation
  Road Design
  Geometric Standards
Safestreet incorporated the two traditional functions of collector streets: access to abutting property and traffic flow. To reconcile these two “antagonistic” functions, Safestreet put the emphasis on a road geometry that constrains speed. For the traffic levels involved, one starts with one lane in each direction, to which one adds, depending on need, turning lanes. The design speed must lead drivers to follow the target speed. At collector street intersections, roundabouts are the best solution.
Traffic Studies
Speed Management
Sustainable Transportation and Climate Change
Transportation Planning
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Active Transportation : walking, biking…
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