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Speed Management

Safestreet analyzes the characteristics of the milieu and driver psychology to establish speed limits that are appropriate for the environment and identifies the necessary measures to reduce operating speeds, when the need arises.

  Barrier-Free Design and Seniors’ Transportation
  Road Design
  Geometric Standards
Safestreet authored the first edition of the Manual for Setting Speed Limits on Municipal Road Networks, published by the Quebec Ministry of Transportation in 1998 and helped produce subsequent editions. The original task consisted of finding a method compatible with the use of the 85th percentile speed, but without requiring the measurement of traffic speeds. Safestreet understood that the 85th percentile expresses the way drivers read the road and identified those road geometry elements that are the most significant.
Traffic Studies
Speed Management
Sustainable Transportation and Climate Change
Transportation Planning
School Safety
Active Transportation : walking, biking…
    Services :
  • Studies to establish speed limits on the municipal road network
  • Technical assistance in the efforts with the Ministry of Transport on the provincial highway network