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Active Transportation : walking, biking…

Safestreet aims to design streets that are user-friendly of all users. Space must be provided to pedestrians and cyclists to better share the road space and to make their trips safe.

  Barrier-Free Design and Seniors’ Transportation
  Road Design
  Geometric Standards
To avoid traffic backing up on a freeway, the City of Mascouche wanted to add a vehicular traffic lane, which eliminated a two-way bike lane on an overpass. In order to maintain safety for pedestrians and cyclists, Safestreet proposed a protected pedestrian-bike path on the opposite side of the overpass and its extension to link up more easily and more safely with the rest of the City’s bike network.
Traffic Studies
Speed Management
Sustainable Transportation and Climate Change
Transportation Planning
School Safety
Active Transportation : walking, biking…
    Services :
  • Safe Routes to Schools
  • Cycling Infrastructure
  • Pedestrian Priority Areas